11/13/19 Money Matters! “Keep Your Mind On Your Money!” @SFHDC

Money Matters! “Keep You Mind On Your Money!”

Want to learn how to improve your relationship with Your Money?

This workshop will walk you through our 6 step process for creating a more loving, fulfilling relationship with your financial partner in life РYour Money!  In this class you will learn how to:

Step 1: Assess your personal & financial situation
Step 2: Set personal & financial goals
Step 3: Create a “living” budget
Step 4: Mind your money – tracking expenses & savings patterns
Step 5: Compare Truth vs Fiction; Reality time:”The numbers Don’t Lie”
Step 6: Review, revise, & re-sharpen

Join us for this two hour love fest where we’ll help you identify how to love your money better, so it stays with you and helps you build a better¬†tomorrow