The Shipyard Focus Group: We want to hear from you!


For the past several years, SFHDC has been offering Homebuyer’s Assistance Workshops to inform and educate San Francisco residents in Southeast neighborhoods and beyond, as well as Certificate of Preference Holders, about the home ownership opportunities available at the San Francisco Shipyard.

One of our main goals was to ensure that the community was not only aware of the home ownership opportunities to purchase a Below Market Rate unit at the SF Shipyard, but also to provide the community with advance knowledge, tools and resources to assist individuals and families begin the process of becoming “mortgage ready” and get prepared for the financial and psychological demands of homeownership.


Together with Lennar, SFHDC is hosting an informal focus group to get feedback from people who have attended the SF Shipyard workshops to learn about your experience, whether or not you applied, why you chose to apply or not to apply, if you decided to look elsewhere, what appealed to you about the SF Shipyard, and what did NOT appeal to you about the SF Shipyard. We’d also like to know about any particular barriers you faced or are still facing in pursuit of your homeownership dream.

Food and refreshments will be provided. 

WHENTuesday April 24th
TIME6:00 – 7:30 pm
WHERE: SFHDC Main Office