The mission of SFHDC is to foster financial stability through the development of affordable housing, the facilitation of homeownership and the economic empowerment and revitalization of Bayview Hunters Point, the Fillmore, and other neighborhoods of San Francisco.



The first step in your path to homeownership is our HUD-Certified First-Time Homebuyer 6 hour workshop. This workshop is available in-person and online.

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Foreclosure Prevention

If you’re seeking assistance with Foreclosure Prevention, click the image above to fill out the form to let counselors know that you need assistance. They will get back to you within 3 business days at the latest. You’re not alone!

Rental Assistance and Rental Readiness

If you’re in need of Rental Assistance in District 10, need help with a rental application, or would like to attend one of our Rental Readiness Night Clinics or Workshops, click the image above to get started!

Money Management and Credit Repair

Want to start your journey toward financial wellness and/or repair past credit mistakes? SFHDC is here to help. Click the link above to find out where to start!

“SFHDC will give you back your life, they will give you purpose again, they are hope.”

—Alejandro Versoza, Proud Bayview Resident and FEC Client Assisted with Foreclosure Prevention


Economic Development

SFHDC’s Economic Development team fosters significant economic growth, with a focus on supporting Black-owned businesses. Key initiatives include the Minding My Black-Owned Business Cohort, which equips startups with essential skills and grant funding, boosting dozens of Black-owned ventures with help from the City’s DreamKeeper initiative, and our online and in-person In The Black marketplace that offers affordable retail space and coaching to over 20 small Black-owned businesses. Additionally, this team was responsible for the 2023 Juneteenth festival in the Fillmore, which attracted over 20,000 visitors, featured 3 stages, a Grammy-award winning artist, & enhanced the visibility of 50 African-American retail vendors & 24 nonprofits.

Housing Development

Our goal is to transform lives. Since 1988, SFHDC has met this goal through delivery of safe, affordable and attractive housing, serving a variety of household incomes. SFHDC’s affordable homes have provided a broad range of residents — families, individuals, seniors, and those with physical and mental disabilities — the option to stay in their communities. Through the new construction of single-family homes and multi-family buildings, and the preservation of existing housing, SFHDC has provided over 1,400 affordable homes for low- and moderate-income households, with another 375 units in development. 

Financial Empowerment

Each year, SFHDC’s Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) works to raise the financial capability of approximately 1,500 renters, aspiring homebuyers, and existing homeowners through weekly educational workshops and one-on-one counseling. Clients obtain tools to improve their financial health and increase their wealth by decreasing consumer debt, establishing or enhancing credit, building equity, and increasing their savings. We also provide access to affordable, safe financial products and loan programs, and support low- and moderate- income individuals in applying for affordable housing. SFHDC is a HUD-approved Local Housing Counseling Agency — one of only five in San Francisco.

Resident Services

SFHDC provides on-site, comprehensive, and culturally competent social services for roughly 2,500 residents at properties that we have developed or renovated, including five Rental Assistance Demonstration sites. Our team connects residents with each other and with their neighborhood through extensive community engagement, and empowers residents to overcome any barriers affecting their ability to remain stably housed. Our resident enrichment and community building programs include organized exercise, game days, movie nights, holiday events, educational field trips, and student leadership programs that are hand-tailored for each location and resident population.

The San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC), founded in 1988, was established by Black community leaders to address the disproportionate displacement of African Americans in San Francisco. Today, SFHDC serves low- and moderate- income individuals throughout the city, with a particular focus on the Black community. Through its four core programs, Affordable Housing Development, Resident Services, Financial Empowerment, and Economic Development, SFHDC empowers approximately 5,000 San Franciscans annually, helping them achieve stability and remain in the beloved city they call “home.”


Before you see a Financial Empowerment Counselor, often the First Place to Start is with One of Our Financial Empowerment Workshops. Click Here to Check Out Our Upcoming Workshops & Events, and Register for the Workshop that fits your needs!


Affordable Homes provided to SF Families and Residents.


Residents Served Across 8 Service Sites. 


In Grants secured for small Black-Owned Businesses in 22-23.


A special thank you to all our partners, who help make everything we do possible.