At San Francisco Housing Development Corporation, we are mission driven

People who choose to work here do so first and foremost because they believe in the mission. Over its 30 year history, SFHDC has dedicated itself to supporting the needs of residents and businesses in San Francisco, particularly in the Southeast neighborhoods and Western Addition.

The Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) operates as a HUD-approved Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA). The FEC’s mission is to raise the consciousness and financial literacy of under-served residents in order to assist them in achieving their financial and housing goals and find “a way outta no way.” We provide accurate, no-nonsense, “no-holds barred” education, counseling and coaching that empowers the individual to make sound, well-informed, lifelong financial choices. We also provide access to affordable and safe financial products and loan programs.

The FEC’s goal is to provide renters, aspiring homebuyers and existing homeowners with the skills, knowledge and information they need to obtain, stabilize and maintain affordable housing, whether it’s a rental or home purchase,  and/or to improve their financial health and net wealth by decreasing consumer debt and increasing their savings. In essence, we create default-resistant homeowners. Our motto is “Knowledge is Power. Get Some. Then Use it!” or “Saber es Poder. Aplícalo” .