Your first home is one of the most important investments you will make. Learn everything you need to know about buying and owning your own home. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Pro’s and Con’s of Home Ownership
  • Basic Financial Planning & Money Management for Default Resistant Homeowners
  • How to do an Affordability Assessment Before You Apply for a Loan
  • The 5C’s of Lending: Credit, Capacity, Capital, Collateral & Conditions
  • How to research Down Payment Assistance and First Time Homebuyer Programs
  • Mortgages 101: Loan Disclosures, the Promissory Note and the Deed of Trust
  • Shopping For a Home and Working with Real Estate Agents
  • The Escrow/Closing Process
  • Taxes & Insurance
  • Maintaining Your Home: Maintenance & Repairs
  • Keeping Your Home: When Money Gets Tight; Avoiding Scams

Everyone can attend the workshop. The eligibility criteria for the FTHB programs will be discussed during the workshops

Up to $30,000 in FREE Financial Assistance FREE Estate Planning for Longtime Homeowners in SF District 10

Long-term Homeowners living in SF District 10 for at least 10years are eligible for FREE financial assistance and FREE estate planning.

Must complete Financial Education and Counseling with SFHDC to receive funding

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