SFHDC and the Small Sites Program

Introduction to the Small Sites Program The Small Sites Program (SSP) is a critical initiative managed by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) to preserve and stabilize at-risk housing in San Francisco. By partnering with local nonprofits, the program facilitates the acquisition and rehabilitation of rent-controlled properties, transforming them into permanently affordable housing units. SFHDC is proud to be an active participant in this program, which plays a vital role in stabilizing communities and preventing the displacement of our residents.

How SFHDC Utilizes the Small Sites Program Through the Small Sites Program, SFHDC acquires buildings that might otherwise be sold and potentially converted into higher-cost housing. By purchasing these properties, we ensure they remain affordable and accessible to current and future residents. Our involvement typically includes:

  • Tenant Participation: Engaging with residents to inform them about the program and gather their support.
  • Eligibility Determination: Assessing both tenant eligibility and building suitability to ensure compliance with SSP guidelines.
  • Building Rehabilitation: Conducting necessary renovations to improve safety and livability, with minimal disruption to current tenants.
  • Building Conversion: Officially converting the building into a Small Sites property, ensuring rents remain affordable and displacement risks are mitigated.

SFHDC’s Current Small Sites Buildings

How to Apply Interested tenants and property owners can learn more and apply for the program through housing.sfgov.org. This platform offers detailed application processes and further information on eligibility and benefits.

For Property Owners If you own a property and are considering selling, partnering with SFHDC through the Small Sites Program can be a powerful way to ensure your property continues to serve the community. Selling your property to SFHDC helps protect the affordability of housing and maintain the heart of our diverse neighborhoods.

For Vulnerable Tenants Are you a tenant in a building that might qualify for the Small Sites Program? Engaging with SFHDC can provide stability and prevent displacement. Our team is dedicated to working with you to navigate the application process and secure your housing.

Get Involved To find out more about how you can be part of this vital program, whether as a tenant, a property owner, or a community advocate, please email us at info@sfhdc.org or call us at (415) 822-1022. Join us in preserving the diversity and vibrancy of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.