Take a look at the demographics from our various programs and initiatives below. We are committed to serving minority communities, with the majority of our clients being people of color aiming to start businesses or own and preserve homes in areas like the Fillmore and Bayview.

One of our flagship initiatives, the Minding My Black-Owned Business Cohort, is a 12-week business development program designed to support small start-up businesses. This program provides comprehensive training in concept development, business planning, financial planning, and marketing. Participants who meet the program requirements are eligible for grant funds totaling $7,500 and gain exposure through public events organized by SFHDC and its partners.

Our impact data from the first four cohorts highlights that the majority of our graduates are Black women. This not only demonstrates our success in reaching and empowering Black women entrepreneurs, helping them establish their businesses in San Francisco, but also reflects the growing presence of Black women entrepreneurs across America.

See Photos and more info from our last Minding My Black-Owned Business Cohort Graduation Ceremony Here.


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