SFHDC Mission Statement

The mission of SFHDC is to foster financial stability through the development of affordable housing, the facilitation of homeownership and the economic empowerment and revitalization of Bayview Hunters Point and other neighborhoods of Southeast San Francisco.


SFHDC was formed in 1988 by San Francisco residents who were interested in combating the widespread displacement of the ’60s and ’70s. Governmental agencies removed residents through ‘redevelopment programs’ that disproportionately affected African Americans and other people of color. Formed by African American community leaders, SFHDC continues to focus on serving people of color and the traditionally African American Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

Bayview Hunters Point

The community of Bayview Hunters Point lags behind San Francisco at large. Economically depressed, the central streets are lined with vacant and blighted storefronts. Thousands of residents in the 94124 zip code (Bayview Hunters Point) live in poverty, totaling over 15% of the population. Numbers are even more staggering regarding the minority communities: 39% of African-Americans, 16% of Asian Americans, and 19% of Latinos live in poverty (U.S. Census Bureau). Residents in the neighborhood have seen generation after generation move away due to escalating housing costs and lack of goods and services nearby. As a part of our comprehensive revitalization strategy, SFHDC uses financial education services to empower residents to use their money wisely. Education and encouraging smart financial behaviors ensures improved lives, wealth building and retention for our clients.