Alice Griffith Phase I and III
May 5, 2021
520 Shrader
520 Shrader Street
December 30, 2021

The San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC), in collaboration with Novin Development, has successfully completed the 936 Geary project, a landmark achievement in preserving affordable housing within San Francisco’s gentrification-vulnerable areas.

Project Overview: This project, the largest in SFHDC’s history under the city’s Small Sites Program (SSP), was an ambitious $10 million revitalization of a historic building in the city’s center. The 936 Geary development encompasses 31 residential units along with 2 ground-floor retail spaces, injecting new life into this critical urban area.

Affordability Focus: Central to 936 Geary’s mission was the retention of affordable rental rates. The existing tenants in 21 units were ensured stabilized rents, maintaining their original rent prices, ranging between $600 and $1800. The project also introduced 10 refurbished units at similar rates to support the community’s affordable housing needs.

Funding and Construction: The San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund (SFHAF) and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) provided crucial financial support for this project. Novin Development’s expert construction ensured the building not only meets modern standards but also honors its historic significance.

Impact and Significance: The successful completion of 936 Geary underlines SFHDC’s unwavering commitment to community resilience in San Francisco. By safeguarding and expanding existing affordable housing, we help to stabilize SF neighborhoods at risk of gentrification. This project exemplifies our ongoing efforts to prevent displacement and maintain the diverse cultural tapestry of San Francisco’s urban landscape.

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