Hunters Point East/West (RAD)
Hunters Point East/West (RAD)
January 18, 2022
Geraldine Johnson
Geraldine Johnson Manor
May 4, 2021

Status: Completed September 2022

Units: 84 (North), 110 (South)

Partner: McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS)

Architect: Levy Design Partners

General Contractor: Nibbi 

Investors: RBC 

Funders: MOHCD

Lenders:  MOHCD, CalHFA, Citibank, CHASE

Investors: RBC

Hayes Valley North and South: Reviving Community Living in the Heart of San Francisco

The San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC), in a collaborative effort with McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS), has proudly achieved the completion of our Hayes Valley North and South projects. This significant accomplishment underscores our dedication to revitalizing key urban spaces, strengthening community resources & preserving housing affordability in San Francisco.

Project Overview: Originally developed in the late 1990s under the HOPE VI public housing initiative, Hayes Valley North and South have been integral in offering affordable, community-centered living spaces in San Francisco. Thirty years later, both properties needed extensive repairs and upgrades, causing them to be included in HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration Program conversion as a part of the City’s Re-envisioning Plan for public housing. Completed in September 2022, both properties underwent substantial renovations, revitalizing 194 units and ensuring continued affordability for residents.

Project Details: Hayes Valley North and South feature a mix of one- to four-bedroom townhouses and flats, catering to diverse community needs. The rehabilitation under the HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration Program was a part of the City’s comprehensive plan for public housing revitalization. The redesign by Levy Design Partners, coupled with Nibbi’s construction expertise, has enhanced the living experience while respecting the community’s heritage.

Funding and Construction: The project received critical financial backing from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) and additional support from CalHFA, Citibank, CHASE, and investors like RBC. This collaborative funding approach was key to realizing the vision for these properties.

Impact and Significance: The completion of Hayes Valley North and South is a testament to SFHDC’s commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive communities. By rejuvenating these developments, we’ve not only preserved affordable housing but also enhanced the quality of life for residents. These projects are a beacon of our dedication to maintaining the diverse cultural fabric and community vibrancy in San Francisco.

Hayes Valley North and South stand as symbols of urban renewal done right—prioritizing residents and community wellness in every step. As we reflect on this achievement, we continue our mission to develop and sustain inclusive housing solutions across San Francisco.