Westbrook (RAD)
April 30, 2021
Ocean Beach Apartments
May 4, 2021

SFHDC and its partners will acquire, refinance, and renovate the remaining public housing in the Bayview. This includes a total of 440 units across two phases: Hunters Point East/West and Westbrook Apartments. The team was awarded exclusive negotiation rights for the project. Renovations began in October 2015. SFHDC will also have an office on-site dedicated to providing services and assistance to the 440 families in the community.


Project Southeast (RAD)

East: Kiska Road – Phase I
West: Oakdale Avenue – Phase I
Westbrook: Kiska Road – Phase II

Units: Estimated 440 Affordable Housing Units

Completion Date: 

Phase I: Closed in August 2016

Phase II: 2017

Developer: John Stewart Company Together with the John Stewart Company, Related California, and Ridgepoint Nonprofit Housing