From the very first phone call… Greg [SFHDC HUD-Certified Housing Counselor] said ‘You’re not going to lose your house.’ I didn’t believe him. It just wasn’t that easy. But SFHDC knows what they’re doing.

SFHDC will give you back your life, [they] will give you purpose again, they are hope. I couldn’t tell you where I probably would have ended up… I might’ve fallen back in my addiction, which is what we do because we lose hope… But if somebody’s holding onto you… that’s what SFHDC does.”

—Alejandro Versoza, Proud Bayview Resident and FEC Client Assisted with Foreclosure Prevention.

Alejandro’s family has lived in the house shown above since 1963.

I literally went to school right down the street. It’s funny, I used to walk past here all the time. So for it to come full circle in me, being able to sell products that mean a lot to me and be able to share them with people in my community, it has just been an amazing experience.” 

“[My kids] see me in there sewing, they see me in there creating. I want to leave a legacy that shows that you can be successful in your passion and that you can be a black woman who has a small idea and share it with the world.”

—Cianni Jackson, In the Black Vendor, Minding my Black-Owned Business Cohort Graduate, and Owner of CIK Apparel

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