Our Karate program attracts community youth and young adults who have been competing and winning awards regionally and earning belt degrees. The benefits of this one program are enormous, including teaching participants about honor, dedication, respect, loyalty, and self-restraint while engaging in physically and mentally demanding activities.

Master Freddy Lockett

The instructor Master Freddy Lockett is a long-standing Bayview community member who has provided leadership, guidance and karate instruction to the youth in our community. He took his first karate lesson at age 10 in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1980, he became a first degree Black Belt. Two years later he became a second degree Black Belt. he has been providing his free Tang Soo Do instruction at Bayview Commons for over 10 years. He also teaches at the Bayview YMCA and the Joe Lee Gym. Master Lockett was honored with our Unsung Local Hero Award at the SFHDC 25th Anniversary Gala.

Available Classes

Class NameDayTimeAge
Bayview Commons Apartments:Monday and Wednesday5:30 pm – 7:00 pmAges 3-6 years only
Bayview YMCASaturday12 pm – 1:30 pmAll ages
Joe Lee GymThursday5:30 pm – 6:30 pmAll ages

For information about Tang Soo Do Karate, contact Marlene Harris at marlene@sfhdc.org or (415) 822-1022 x141